Student Blog: Root Cause of Climate Change, Human Attitude

As part of the Centre's Global Schools' Programme, Transition Year Students research and write blog entries.

Each week we will feature a student blog entry which will cover: the root causes of climate change, the impacts of climate change and the solutions and actions we can take.  Enjoy!  This work is supported by Irish Aid's WorldWise Global Schools and Concern.

Essay 1

Roots Of Climate Change - Human Attitude


Abigail Deegan, Newtown Secondary School

Holly Devereux, St. Angela’s Ursuline Secondary School

Jack Kearns, De La Salle College

Jess O’Neil, St. Angela’s Ursuline Secondary School

Emily Shaw, Newtown Secondary School

Gary Whelan, De La Salle College


A root cause of climate change is our attitude towards reducing waste and plastics.

We do not NEED plastics, they may be convenient now but the truth is the production of plastics and the pollution created by plastics has already begun ruining our planet and wildlife.

For many years before plastics, our planet was a lot healthier and we still functioned as a human race. Currently, in many areas of the world, there are people living with a lot less than us and are the worst effected even though they contributed to climate change the least. We as people have become far too reliant on convenience and neglected the planet we live on.

If we continue the excessive production of plastic and waste, we will never be able to undo the damage we have caused but if we all work together and do our small part, we will create a safer place for our future children and grandchildren so they can have the opportunity to see the world as it should be.

In the Los Angeles area alone, 10 metric tonnes of plastic fragments like grocery bags, straws and bottles are carried into the Pacific Ocean each day.

Over the last few years, we have produced more plastic than in the whole last century. Of the plastic we use 50% is thrown away and contributes to the pollution on earth.

In conclusion, we feel that we as humans need to change our attitude towards climate change and think of ways in which we can reduce it and its effects. Climate change is a real problem and is happening every single day, even though we might not realise it. We do not need plastics in our lives but it's too late now to go back on how much we have produced and used, but we can reduce it in our everyday lives just by doing small things such as using reusable water bottles or bringing your own shopping bags which can over time have a great impact on our world.